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Phones in Slovenia

Country Code: +386
International Call Prefix: 00

Slovenia received a new country code following the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991 (which previously had 38 as country code).

List by town of phone dialing codes in Slovenia.

Example for calling
The international call prefix depends on the country you are calling from; e.g., 00 for most European countries, and 011 from North America. For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialed before the area code. The prefix for international calls from Slovenia is 00 (e.g., for a United States number 00 1 ... should be dialled).

An example for calling telephones in Ljubljana is as follows:

 xxx xxxx (within Ljubljana)
 0 1 xxx xxxx (within Slovenia)
 +386 1 xxx xxxx (outside Slovenia)
List of area codes
The list of counties, grouped into historic and geographic larger regions:

No. - County - Code
Central Slovenia -
Ljubljana - 1
Maribor and Murska Sobota - 2
Celje - 3
Kranj - 4
Koper and Nova Gorica - 5
Novo Mesto - 7
Mobile phone numbers -
Si.mobil - 30, 40
Mobitel - 31, 41, 51, 71
Tušmobil - 70
T-2 - 64
VoIP - Various providers - 59
Special numbers -
Toll free numbers - 80
Commercial numbers - 89, 90
Calling codes in the table are assigned to new customers by the respective provider. However, it has been possible to change the operator and retain the old calling code (along with the rest of the phone number) since 2006. Calling codes do not necessary reflect the operator, but it is not possible to transfer a mobile number to a land-based operator and vice versa.
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